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II Premier12 2019 - Official Payoff

Over $5m in prize money distributed among Premier12 teams


The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Premier12 supassed many records during its second edition, which finished with Japan winning on Sunday. One of those was the amount of prize money distributed to the teams. A total amount of $5,210,000 was distributed among the 12 participating teams - with the champion, Japan, receiving a total of $1,610,000 - marking a 40% increase over the inaugural edition of this major international baseball event in 2015.

As per WBSC guidelines, a minimum of 50 percent of a team's prize money is to be distributed equally among the players on the 28-man roster.

The list of prizes is as follows:

Round wins
Group winnerSuper Round winsTotal
JPN1,500,00030,00020,00060,000$ 1,610,000
KOR750,00030,00020,00040,000$ 840,000
MEX 500,00030,00020,00040,000 $ 590,000
USA350,00020,000 40,000 $ 410,000
TPE300,00020,000 40,000 $ 360,000
AUS250,00010,000 20,000 $ 280,000
CAN180,00010,000   $ 190,000
DOM180,00010,000   $ 190,000
VEN180,00010,000   $ 190,000
CUB180,00010000   $ 190,000
NED180,000    $ 180,000
PUR180,000    $ 180,000
 TOTAL     $ 5,210,000

Along with the prize for the final position, the teams received a $10,000 bonus for each Opening Round win, $20,000 for winning the group and $20,000 for each win in the Super Round.

The 2019 WBSC Premier12 will also award the highest amount of world ranking points of any international baseball competition.

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