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II Premier12 2019 - Official Payoff

Kim Kyungmoon: “We must keep working to compete and win the Olympic Games”


Korea lost today agains Japan the Championship Game of the Premier12 2019. During the press conference the manager Kim Kyungmoon started to plan ahead to defend the Gold Medal in next year’s Olympic Games.

“First I want to say congratulations to Japan for winning the Premier12. Nobody is happy finishing second place in an important tournament like this. But our players worked hard in the past month, and we must keep working to compete and win the Olympic Games in August next year.”

Asked why did the team lost the match, the Korean manager answered: “As the manager of the team, this loss is my responsibility so I have no comments about it.”

Our best hitters didn’t have a good game today, that’s why baseball is not easy. However we’ve seen in our team a great grow in the young players, especially the pitchers, so probably for next year we need to form a new Korean National Team.”

Kim Haseong connected a 2-run homer in the first inning to take the early lead. “The Japanese pitchers often pitch the curve ball or the change up with 1-2 account, so I guess he would be coming with the curve ball, and I had very good timing to hit it.”

The Korean shortstop added: “Japan has very good players, but we also have a great team. I think we’ll keep this game in our minds, so we can do our best in the Olympics to claim the victory.”

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