Premier12 2015

08/11/2015 - 21/11/2015

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Premier12 champions S Korea National Team stormed at airport by fans, media


SEOUL — Members of the South Korean National Baseball Team landed at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport on Sunday and were met by proud fans and a national media frenzy, following the country’s 8-0 win over the U.S. in the finale of the inaugural WBSC Premier12 global championship that took place on Saturday.

Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) leader Koo Bon-Neung officially welcomed the victorious National Team that finished best in the world in 2015 and captured the first-ever Premier12 global championship trophy.

Fans filled the airport to greet the national heroes with flowers, cards and presents, while children also presented their favourite athletes with hand-made gifts, cheers and hugs.

The South Korean National Team, which entered the event at the world No. 8,  also displayed the Premier12 Global Championship Trophy, with the South Korean flag/plaque affixed under “Winner”.

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